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SMP2018 0002: Phased Major Subdivision to include 12 single-family lots and 1 large tract


Case No.: SMP2018 0002

Applicant: William C Heumann

Location: 4506 Hillcrest Avenue

Proposal: Phased Major Subdivision to include 12 single-family lots and 1 large tract


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt the Director's analysis and findings and approve the preliminary plat for Phase 1 of the Ridgeview Subdivision. This approval would allow the applicant to submit for the final plat application. We further recommend that the approval be subject to the following conditions:


  1. Prior to final plat approval, the following changes shall be made to the preliminary plat:
    1. Complete all 30 requested plat changes listed in the MEMO dated January 18, 2019, from CBJ Engineering & Public Works.
    2. On sheet one (1), label Laurie Lane
    3. On sheet two (2), label the western lot line with bearing and distances described.
    4. On sheet one (1), show all 5 lots on the south side of Coogan Drive, created Plat 2009-18.
    5. Through the review process, Blocks A and B have gotten switched. Plat Notes 9 & 10 do not match the plat when referencing the bungalow lots and panhandle lots. Change the plat graphic to match the plat notes or vice versa.
    6. Prior to final plat recording, remove setbacks, wetlands, drainage, and contours from plat graphic and legend.
    7. On all pages, use a dashed font to label the original TRACT B.
    8. Add the following Plat Note: “Further Subdivision of Tract B-1, Richland Manor 2 Subdivision shall require City & Borough of Juneau Preliminary Platting Requirements indicating adequate access for all lots created in Phase 1, Richland Manor Subdivision 2, and all future Phases.”
  2. The developer shall utilize Best Management Practices to treat or reduce any harmful particulates that may arise from the development.
  3. The developer shall use Best Management Practices for storm water runoff to prevent sediment run-off from construction activities into neighboring waterbodies.
  4. The average daily trips generated by Phase 1, Richland Manor 2 Subdivision, and all future phases will be included in the ADT’s generated by any future development of Tract B1.
  5. A Hillside Development Permit may be required if triggered by CBJ 49.70.210(a)(1-5).
  6. Sidewalks on both sides of the street are required for Phase 1.
  7. All future phases of development may require wetlands delineation.
  8. For each pair of panhandle lots sharing a driveway, the applicant must provide a maintenance agreement that is recorded with the subdivision, on forms acceptable to the director, ensuring the required access and parking areas will be constructed and maintained by all future property owners. The applicant shall also create a plat note referencing the easements.
  9. The applicant shall pave, or bond for, the portion of the driveway in the right-of-way or the first 20 feet from the edge of the public roadway shall be paved, whichever length is greater, for all panhandle lots created with this subdivision.
  10. The applicant shall construct, or bond for, street lights at each intersection in this subdivision with spacing between lights not to exceed 250 feet.
  11. Prior to construction plan approval, the applicant shall submit a lighting plan meeting applicable CBJ standards.
  12. A driveway and parking plan that shows the feasibility of off-street parking shall be submitted and approved by the Director prior to recording the plat.
  13. The applicant shall install a residential sprinkler system that meets Capital City Fire & Rescue requirements in each dwelling unit within this subdivision.
  14. The sketch plat shall be amended to show a future connection to Hooter Lane from Hillcrest Avenue.
  15. The applicant must submit a drainage plan showing how drainage will flow from the subdivision to Glacier Highway; this drainage plan must be approved by the CBJ Engineering & Public Works Department. This drainage plan must be signed and stamped by an Alaskan licensed engineer in accordance with CBJ 49.35.510.
  16. Prior to approval of a final plat, the applicant shall submit a complete set of construction plans for all required improvements to CDD for review by the Director of Engineering & Public Works for compliance with 49.35.140.
  17. Prior to final plat approval, an engineer’s estimate for the installation of public utilities and improvements must be submitted to CDD and reviewed and approved by CDD and CBJ Engineering & Public Works.
  18. Prior to final plat approval, the applicant must construct, and/or bond for, all required public utilities and improvements.

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