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USE2017 0019: Renewal of a Conditional Use Permit for an existing sand and gravel extraction operation


Case No.: USE2017 0019

Applicant: West Glacier Development LLC

Location: 5580 Montana Creek Road

Proposal: Renewal of a Conditional Use Permit for an existing sand and gravel extraction operation


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission adopt the Director's analysis and findings and grant the requested Conditional Use Permit.  The permit would allow continuation of an existing sand and gravel operation. The approval is subject to the following conditions:


Hours of Operation and Permit Expiration

  1. Hours of operation shall be 6:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

  2. All blasting operations shall be conducted during daylight hours of operation.

  3. No blasting operations shall be conducted on Saturdays or Sundays or on official Federal or State holidays.

  4. Hours of operation for blasting activities shall be 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

  5. The extraction permit shall expire ten years from the date of Planning Commission approval.


Site Restoration

    6. Seed mixes utilized for revegetation in restoration efforts shall be free          from non-native, noxious weeds.

    7. All aspects of the restoration plan submitted with USE2017 0019 shall         remain a permit requirement and must be completed prior to issuance         of any Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for structures on the             subject lot.

    8. The applicant shall submit and maintain a performance bond in an          amount no less than $127,275 for restoration/reclamation of the site,          as required by CBJ 49.65.240. If the applicant/owner fails to complete          site restoration within a period of eighteen months after the earliest of:          the completion of the permitted extraction project, the closure of the        gravel pit, or the expiration of the permit, the CBJ may begin     enforcement action including use of the proceeds of the bond to effect          site restoration.  The applicant/ owner may reduce the bond amount          by providing evidence that site restoration has been completed during          the operation of the pit within the period of the permit.




    9. Explosives shall not be stored on site, except that which is immediately         necessary for the next blast.

    10. The development shall not generate sound levels which exceed 65          dBa at the property line during the day or 55 dBa at night, per                CBJ§49.15.330(g)(11).

    11. All blasting will be managed according to CBJ Standard                        Specifications for Civil Engineering Projects and Subdivision            Improvements, December 2003, Section 12090, Blasting Controls            and associated erratum.  These controls assure a qualified Blast          Control Specialist, according to detailed procedures and                        requirements, conducts blasting.

    12. Blasting operations shall be conducted by an Alaska Department of           Labor certified powder-man and all operations shall conform to              MSHA, ATF, and OSHA standards, as applicable, and all other            applicable standards.

    13. All blasting operations shall be conducted during the daylight hours of           operation.

    14. Warning signs with the time and date of the blast shall be posted 24           hours prior to blasting on either side of the pit on Montana Creek            Road.

    15. 24 hour notice shall be provided to the Juneau Flight Service Station           and the Police and Fire Departments.

    16. Public Service Announcements shall be broadcast on local radio 24            hours prior to blasting.

    17. Three air horn blasts shall be made 5 minutes prior to blasting.

    18. No Blasting operations shall be permitted on Saturdays and Sunday           or official Federal and State holidays.



    19. The applicant shall provide the CBJ Community Development               Department and the CBJ Engineering and Public Works                    Department with a copy of the Annual Report by March 1 each             year, two weeks after the annual report deadline of February 15.             The applicant must comply with the ADEC-approved SWPPP and all              ADEC reporting requirements.


Required Conditions, per CBJ§49.65.235:

    20. A strip of land at the existing topographic level, and not less than 15           feet in width, shall be retained at the periphery of the site wherever           the site abuts a public way.  This periphery strip shall not be altered           except as authorized for access points.  This section does not alter           the applicant’s duty to maintain subjacent support.

     21. If the bank of any extraction area within the permit area is above the            high water line or water table, it shall be left upon termination of            associated extraction operations with a slope no greater than the            angle of repose for unconsolidated material of the kind composing it,           or such other angle as the commission may prescribe.  If the                extraction operations cause ponding or retained water in the            excavated area, the slope of the submerged working face shall not            exceed a slope of 3:1 from the edge of the usual water line to the            water depth of seven feet.  This slope ratio may not be exceeded            during extraction operations unless casual or easy access to the site             is prevented by a fence, natural barriers, or both.

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