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Ordinance 2019-03 An Ordinance Amending the City and Borough of Juneau Code Related to Aquatics Facilities and Repealing the Associated Sunset Date.


In October 2014, Juneau voters authorized the Assembly to adopt an ordinance to establish a board to direct the operation of CBJ’s aquatics facilities. Subsequently, Ordinance 2015-23(b) created the seven-member Aquatics Board.  That ordinance specified the Aquatics Board would automatically sunset on May 28, 2018. Ordinance 2018-18 extended this sunset date to June 30, 2019, to allow for further consideration of better governance options. Since April 2018 the Aquatics Board, in consultation with the City Manager and Parks & Recreation staff, considered different governance options, which culminated in Ordinance 2019-03.


This ordinance would permanently remove the sunset provision and makes several other changes. It increases the number of board members from seven to nine, and designates one seat each for representatives from the Juneau School District and a local aquatics organization that rents a pool facility. The Director of the Parks & Recreation Department would sit on the board as a non-voting member. The ordinance further clarifies that the Aquatics Manager reports to the Parks & Recreation Director and provides staff support to the Aquatics Board. The Board would continue to have the ability to establish fees and charges for the use of aquatics facilities, review and approve annual operating and capital budget submissions, and adopt regulations subject to Assembly approval.


Upon adoption of this ordinance, the Assembly would then need to address the Board’s membership. Of the seven current members, two (Max Mertz and Pat Watt) have terms that expire in 2020 and the remaining five have terms that expire this June. I understand that some members are not interested in serving for additional terms. Thus, I recommend the Assembly open an application process and select three people to fill three-year terms, three people to fill two-year terms, one person to fill a one-year term, and keep the existing two members with terms that expire in 2020. This ordinance would not change the term limits for any member that continues after the new Board is formed.


The Human Resources Committee discussed this ordinance on January 7, 2019. The Aquatics Board discussed this ordinance on January 15 and 22, and recommends the Assembly adopt version (b). A memo from the City Attorney describes the changes in version (b).


The City Manager recommends version (b) of this ordinance be adopted.

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Ordinance 2019-031/2/2019Ordinance
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Ordinance 2019-03(b)1/23/2019Ordinance